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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Common Core: The Groupthink Gang

Whoever controls curriculum, controls ideas.  It is no small thing to have Utah enrolled in the Common Core initiative and all its entangling political cooperatives and assessments.

I've started gathering testimonies of those who are against the Common Core Initiative.

Ze’ev Wurman, a former U. S. Department of Education official, said:

“[E]ven the defenders of the national standards do not claim they are at the level
of international high achievers. Currently South Carolina has good standards in
English and mathematics, even as they can be improved. . . . [I]ts new history
standards are the best in the nation, and its science standards are also excellent
and among the top 5 in the nation. South Carolina showed it can improve the
standards on its own if it so wishes and has no need to trade them for mediocre
standards that transfer control out of state to Washington, D.C.”

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor of Education Reform, University of Arkansas, said:

“Common Core’s ‘college readiness’ standards for English language arts and
reading are simply empty skill sets. . . . Common Core’s ELA ‘college readiness’
standards weaken the base of literary and cultural knowledge needed for
authentic college coursework.”

The American Principles Project said:

“The Common Core Standards facilitate the practically unlimited sharing of our
children’s private, personally identifiable data with other government agencies
such as the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services, and even with
private entities.”

I watched the leaders of the Common Core Initiative as they gave a seminar to teachers on the following link. I don't even need to make a commentary.  If you watch and listen, you will see what their purpose and aim is: groupthink.  Just like the nightmare regimes you learned about in history class, the groupthink gang is back.

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